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APRIL 2016


"I Can't Breathe" was recorded and mixed by Andew Christopoulos at Sound Valut Studio in Chicago, IL and mastered by Chicago Audio.


“I Can’t Breathe,” was written in honor of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the many lives senselessly lost due to police brutality, systemic inequity and broken, apathetic justice system. 100% of the music sales will be donated to Black Lives Matter throughout of 2021

 It was released October 02, 2020 on all music streaming platforms

"Despierta" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Grammy award winning Oscar Autie and produced by Kenya Autie at El Cerrito Studio, CA.

 released on May 24th 2019 on all music streaming platforms


Their debut album touches base on issues such as gun violence, femicide and the war on immigrants. It was released May 17 2019 on all music streaming platforms

"Waking The Dead" was recorded, mixed and mastered by  by Michael  Mann at MusicMann Studio in Milwaukee WI and debuted April 14th 2016 on Radio One Chicago.


The band later won the IMEA awards Latin Artist of The Year award in October 2016



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The Braided Janes is a post-punk, Latin rock band from Chicago, IL. The award winning trio was founded in 2012 by family members Jessica Rodriguez (vocals, keys, guitar), wife Juny Alvarez (drums, percussion) and brother in law Andrew Doyle (bass guitar).


Bilingual and multicultural, their music blends Latin- influenced rhythms with intricate bass lines and haunting vocals. They've mastered the ability to transcend through language and genre barriers, creating a unique and refined style of their own.


Aside from their tremendous friendship and love of music, the Braided Janes share a vision for social change. In this era of hateful rhetoric as a means to an end, their music seeks to uplift and empower those that have been scapegoated and labeled as the culprits for this nations woes.


They are currently recording their next EP at Sound Vault Studio in Chicago. On October 02 2020 they released their 1st single titled "I Can't Breathe" which was written in honor of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor among others. 100% of the proceeds from the song will be donated to Black Lives Matter through December 31, 2021.
The song is available on spotify, youtube and bandcamp: thebraidedjanes.bandcamp.com/track/i-cant-breathe



"We are the soundtrack of now, we are The Braided Janes"


    Doyle’s musical journey started with bass lessons at th Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Milwaukee and playing in the 3-piece band “Third Person” which featured two basses and drums and is also when he began exploring effects’ pedals and playing the bass more like a lead instrument. He calls this the “Peter Hook School of Bass”, an approach to the bass heard in some of his most influential bands; from New Order, The Cure and The Smiths. After a few years studying under instructor Jim Kishline Doyle then moved to Chicago to follow his musical dreams and moved away from Rock all together going back to playing with fingers, and learning every Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Sade and Curtis Mayfield song he could, while also attending classes at the Bloom School of Jazz in Chicago where he learned the art of improvisation and all about Jazz great Miles Davis and progressive projects such as Return To Forever. He played in a Latin Prog Jazz band called the “Telepathics” during this time then moved onto the Hip-Hop Rock band “Bentframe” for several years after. Then came “Mr. Gray” when Doyle added on lead-singing and lyrical duties mixing Electronica with Post-Punk, including two years covering “Joy Division” where Doyle played the part of Ian Curtis. During this same time Doyle also served as lead-singer/lyricist in the Milwaukee-based project “Sill Pilot”. After meeting his future wife Sandy Rodriguez he met Sandy’s sister Jessica and her partner, and future wife Juny Alvarez and they soon began doing their own late-night jam sessions. Not long after, Rodriguez and Doyle collaborated on an Electronica project called The Guardians then went back to their more Rock roots joining forces with Alvarez and forming the 3-piece band they are today - The Braided Janes. Without a guitarist in the band Doyle has combined both the bass and guitar into one sound, and most recently has added a loop station and a customized 5-string bass with 5th string being the high C to expand his reach of chord and solo options. 


    Vocalist, lyricist, synth and guitar player - Previous collaborations include The Guardians and Los Farsantes.


    Drummer & Percussionist - Made her debut as a drummer with The Braided Janes.


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